“In the genre of historically inspired fiction, Taylor has done a marvelous job of combining fact, fantasy, and fun.”  — Indie Reader
“Historical fiction lovers will enjoy this tale of knightly adventure.”  — Sublime Book Review

“Written in elegant prose, with an intricate storyline that is woven together like a fine medieval tapestry.”  — Authors Reading
“An absolutely sensational renaissance novel filled with dry humor, heartfelt moments, and exceptional characters.”  — Sublime Book Review
The Novels
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The chronicles continue. What volume VI will reveal is beginning to take shape.




If you’ve found your way here, you must be a reader.  And it’s pretty likely you appreciate good story-telling in a historical setting.  You may also have a fondness for a well-crafted costume drama.  The Second Son Chronicles offer all that and more.

It is the dawn of the Renaissance in a land ruled by an enlightened monarch.  Alfred — the eponymous second son — is convinced that his life will be unremarkable, spent in diligent but mundane service to his king.  His grandfather, however, foresees for him a special destiny, though that destiny is shrouded in mystery.  These novels tell Alfred’s story.

Each book is a complete story unto itself.  As a reader, you may begin wherever you like.  But you may find it most rewarding to meet Alfred at the beginning, when he is growing up and coming of age at his grandfather’s court.



Pamela Taylor brings her love of history to the art of storytelling in this multi-volume series.  An avid reader of historical fact and fiction throughout her life, she finds the past offers a rich heritage . . . Read more


More about the Chronicles
Family Tree of the Royals
Family Trees of the Nobility

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